Do the courses include outings?

Yes. You will be taught at some of the wonderful attractions in the vicinity of Eurocentres. These include museums, the Castle (the oldest building in the country), the Company Gardens, and the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest aquarium.

Who pays for outings and excursions?

Students are expected to pay for expenses such as entrance fees to museums and refreshments, but these generally total no more than US$2 or $3 per outing. There are usually no transport fees as most of the outings are to places of interest within walking distance of Eurocentres.

What activities and tours are available after school hours?

Eurocentres has an extensive social programme, which includes everything from Table Mountain walks and visits to the beach to eating in restaurants and dancing. Eurocentres will also show you the best the “Mother City” has to offer on our many tours of the city and surrounding areas.