-Hi. My name is Ali Ahmed and I am from Sudan. I have been studying at Eurocentres Cape Town since January 2013. I am going to share my short experiences regarding the study environment, teachers and what I would like to improve. Eurocentres is a really well-organised school with a good study environment. It provides the students with clean, intimate classes, social program activities, computer rooms and very kind and cooperative staff.

Eurocentres has a helpful and supportive Academic Manager, thanks to Donal. Teachers at Eurocentres have helped me so much. They have identified my weaknesses especially with pronunciation, speaking and writing. Thanks to all the teachers, I now know what I should do to improve my English. A special thanks to teachers Bruce, Lucia, Jenni and my conscientious teacher who knows exactly what he is doing, teacher Sean Liddell. I have learnt many things at Eurocentres and still have three months left.