How is the weather?

Cape Town has a sunny, Mediterranean climate. There are clear days throughout the year, although winter is wetter than summer. You can find more information and see today’s weather on the weather site (external link).

What is the cost of living?

Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities in the world. A loaf of bread costs about US $0.80, a beer in a restaurant about US $1.50, and a minibus ride from Eurocentres to the beach is less than US $1.00!

Do I need a visa to travel to Cape Town?

Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and Portugal are amongst a number of countries whose passport holders do not require visas to travel to South Africa for less than 3 months. Find more information on our visas page.

What happens when I arrive and I have booked Eurocentres free airport transfer option?

You will be met by our friendly transfer agent (who will have a sign with your name on it) and taken to your host family or hotel.

What is the crime level?

Cape Town’s safety level is about the same as most other medium sized cities around the world. 24-hour surveillance cameras, extra police and mounted police (on horses) have resulted in a sharp decrease in crime in the city.

I am a woman traveling alone. Is it safe for me?

Yes. It is no problem for you to travel alone, provided you take care. This would include not walking alone in the city at night and taking care when withdrawing money at an ATM.

Do I need any vaccination if I travel around in South Africa?

If you are traveling to Cape Town only, you do not need any vaccinations. However, medication to prevent malaria is recommended for travel to some northern parts of the country.

Do you also offer flights?

No. We recommend that you phone several travel agents and airlines in your home country in order to find the best offer before making a booking.