Business English Course

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Business English (Intermediate)

IBE Course

  • 20 hours of Basic English
  • 10 hours of Business English
  • Improving General English
  • Extending Business English vocabulary
  • For intermediate levels

Topics covered:

  • Jobs and Employees
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Products and Services
  • Negotiations/Debating
  • Professional Presentations
  • Time Management
  • Socializing
  • 20 hours on International Business English
  • The course duration is 8 weeks
  • For upper intermediate levels

Goals and topics covered:

  • Writing Skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Presentations
  • Development and preservation
  • Planning Strategy  and Markets
  • Project Management
  • Investing in development/Company launches
  • Innovations and New ideas in technology

To be successful in English as a corporate person or an advanced student in economics or marketing, this course is imperative for you!


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