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Eurocentres has developed a unique learner-centred concept of technology-integrated learning called MY.EUROCENTRES. With the online language learning campus MY.EUROCENTRES and the support of interactive whiteboards, and mobile tablet devices, we will give you a new experience. Eurocentres believes that truly blended learning should focus on enhancing the personalisation that face-to-face teaching can give, rather than having teaching and e-learning existing together.

This service is currently provided to all students in Cape Town who books a course for 4 weeks or more. The additional fee for the account will be EUR13.In addition, MY.EUROCENTRES is continually expanding, with multi-media activities, access to cultural events posts, tutorial advice, personal self-study recommendations and new mobile applications such as the MY.WORDS vocabulary review application which brings teacher-led reviews to your smart phone and you will have access to all of this as soon as you book your course with us, until 3 months after you have finished your course!!

Students who book a shorter course can have access to MY.EUROCENTRES at the additional fee of EUR13.

From the first moment of your booking, the gateway to your my.Eurocentres online language experience is open to you. In your personal account you will find language exercises and personalised study material, information about your school and leisure recommendations. MY.EUROCENTRES also gives you the chance to chat with your classmates – just like on a real campus.

The my.Eurocentres campus offers a new, innovative style of language learning. The Eurocentres Foundation, which has been at the heart of foreign language training for over 60 years, relies on the concept of integrated learning. Traditional language instruction is combined with modern e-learning methods.

So what does this mean? my.Eurocentres offers more efficient language instruction, which is fun as well as focussed on personal strengths and weaknesses with no more dry grammar exercises like “My dog’s name is Wuff”. MY.EUROCENTRES will open up new horizons.

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