I am Fernando Matola. I am 22 years old from Mozambique. I came to Cape Town to learn English because it is necessary to understand English to work for my company. The first time it was quite difficult for me because it was my first time away from my family, neighbourhood, province and country but after one week, I was starting to enjoy the idea of being away from everything that I know. The most challenging thing is to be in a place where people around you don’t speak the same language. I am happy because I was sent to the right place where people are prepared to teach English well.

I am talking about Eurocentres. I think Eurocentres is the best English Language School around Cape Town. I would like to thank Eurocentres for choosing a fantastic host family for me. I have kind and patient teachers. I am not a nightlife type of person but I can see that Cape Town has a lot of entertainment to offer. I recommend Cape Town because it is a wonderful and modern city and finally I recommend Eurocentres because it is an amazing and exciting place to learn English.