SPONSOR: Greenpop
VENUE: Platbos Forest
DATE: 16th May 2014

The Objective: We planted 8000 trees over the duration of two weekends. The environmental initiative is to revive the indigenous arbour of the Platbos forest near Gansbaai. Deforestation, neglect and invasive alien species have rendered the forest unsustainable. 

Eurocentres Team and students joined the Reforest Fest out in Platbos Forest, Stanford, where we planted 7001 trees over the Friends Fest Weekend.

Our teams were separated into Green and Blue and we planted for an approximate of 6 – 7 hours. We camped, sang songs and played drums around the camp fire. The students also participated in various activities such as forest walks and laughing yoga. They all had an amazing time as it was a different experience for all of them. We are hoping to get them all involved in the Reforest Fest 2015.