Travel Information

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Travel Information


You will require a valid passport to get your visa and travel to South Africa and this may be obtained at your government’s consulate or embassy. The issue of a passport can take up to 2-3 months in some countries.

Students are not insured either by us or the host family against illness, accident ,theft or loss of personal belongings. We therefore recommend you to take out travel insurance. If you have booked an ELVIA insurance policy with Eurocentres and you need to cancel the course and return to your country, please make sure you contact ELVIA before you go back. If you contact them after you have left the country, they will not take responsibility for the expenses. Please make sure you read the insurance policy carefully before you travel.

Medical History
It is important to know your own health history. Prior to departure, ask your family doctor what vaccinations or medications you have been given in the past. It is also a good idea to bring this information in writing in case of illness while in South Africa.

Application and extension of Visa’s are your own responsibility.

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