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We’ve got UR medical health insurance covered.

If you’ve ever had to seek medical help in a foreign country, you’ll know that medical and travel insurance doesn’t always provide the kind of cover you need. Often, there are lengthy authorisation periods, which means you’re required to pay a deposit on your credit card before you can receive the medical assistance you need. And you’re expected to wait for your insurance to refund the money.

How does UR Card work?

UR Card offers you affordable and comprehensive medical health cover in partnership with Oneplan Health Insurance.

When you purchase a UR Card, you automatically receive 30-day, 24-hour emergency medical health insurance cover. This entitles you to immediate medical assistance when you need it as well as access to doctors and specialists in South Africa.

UR Card integrates your passport number with your medical plan for easy access to hospitals. Before you visit a doctor or specialist, simply contact our medical call centre (you’ll find the number of the back of the card) so they can credit the cost of the visit to your UR Card, and you’re good to go!

If you’re planning to stay in South Africa for more than 30 days, we strongly recommend that you consider one of our competitively priced prepaid top up plans.

Student cover

UR Card is also the perfect solution for international students who require medical insurance in order to register with South African educational institutions. Simply purchase one of our prepaid medical health insurance plans to cover you for the duration of your studies and we’ll provide you with the documentation required by the South African embassy and your chosen educational institution.

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