My name is Waldney Pezzuol. This is my experience at Eurocentres. On Monday morning, our Homestay Mother drove us to school and gave us a small briefing on how to find our way back home by ourselves after school. On arrival, my wife and I were stressed with so many changes. A new town, new school, new house, new family and no Portuguese speaking at all. We knew that we would fear all these obstacles and we also promised each other that we would speak as much English as we can, even between us. The dices had been launched and the game started.

Now, after almost four weeks, we are coming closer to the end of our journey in South Africa. No doubt, it is one of the most important experiences in my life. I have been interacting with so many new friends from different countries and cultures. Eurocentres provides the structures and opportunities to promote the interaction between the students and also supports us on how to experience the best of Cape Town. Thank you teacher Sean for helping us improve our English. Thank you Jessica, the Social Program coordinator for being our guardian angel. Thank you to our host family for receiving us as part of the family and all your support and the most important, thank you to Eurocentres for making our dreams come true.